John Deere All Purpose Cleanerap cleaner

TY26352  Regular Price $4.59

  • All-Purpose Cleaner – cleans everything
  • Unlimited applications
  • Contains no fluorocarbons
  • To use – spray on, wipe clean
  • Quickly cleans enameled and painted surfaces, porcelain, plastic, tile, and chrome
  • Excellent for fiberglass bathroom fixtures – protects original finish, yet removes hard-to-clean soap scum
  • Removes hand prints, scuff and heel marks, crayon, grease spots, soot, insect residue on automobiles, and even whitewall tires
  • Cleans smoke film, light carbon residues, and oils from kitchen appliances
  • Removes ink from a variety of washable surfaces

NOW ONLY $4.10

John Deere Grease Fitting Assortment

Standard (TY22569) $8.99

Hydraulic grease fitting dispenser assortment. 21 assorted grease fittings in
six of the most popular thread sizes are contained in an easy-to-handle, sturdy
plastic box with separately labeled and illustrated compartments.

Includes the following:

  • 1/4-in. 28 straight
  • 1/8-in. PT straight
  • 1/4-in. 28 90-degree angle
  • 1/8-in. PT 90-degree angle
  • 1/4-in. 28 45-degree angle
  • 1/8-in. PT 65-degree angle

    NOW ONLY $7.59

Metric (TY22568) $8.99

Metric grease fitting assortment – 21-pc.

Includes the following;

  • 6 mm x 1 straight
  • 8 mm x 1 straight
  • 10 mm x 1 straight
  •  6 mm x 1 45-degree angle
  •  6 mm x 1 90-degree angle
  •  8 mm x 1 45-degree angle
  •  8 mm x 1 90-degree angle
  • 10 mm x 1 45-degree angle
  • 10 mm x 1 90-degree angle



Save $500 on a Z500 Residential Z-Trak Mower

Mow better, faster with a Z500 series residential Z-Trak mower.

Buy now through July, 5th 2017 and save up to $500 on select models.

*See store for details and restrictions.

Eligible models include;

Z525E with 48″ or 54″ Deck

  • 22-hp V-Twin Engine
  • 8.5 mph ground speed
  • 15″ seat back with arm rests
  • 22 x 9.5″ rear tires
  • 2 yr /120 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty


Z535M with 48″, 54″, or 62″ Deck 

  • 25-hp V-Twin cyclonic engine
  • 8.5 mph ground speed
  • 18″ seat back with arm rests
  • 22 x 9.5″ rear tires
  • 4 yr /300 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty


Z535R with 54″ High Capacity Deck

  • 25-hp V-Twin cyclonic engine
  • 9 mph ground speed
  • Deluxe 20″ seat back with armrests
  • 23 x 10.5″ rear tires
  • 4 yr /500 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty


Z540M with 48″, 54″ or 62″ Deck

  • 22-hp V-Twin Engine
  • 8.5 mph ground speed
  • 18″ seat back with arm rests
  • 22 x 9.5″ rear tires
  • 4 yr /300 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty


Z540R with 48″, 54″ or 62″ High Capacity Deck

  • 24-hp V-Twin Engine
  • 9 mph ground speed
  • Deluxe 20″ seat back with armrests
  • 23 x 10.5″ rear tires
  • 4 yr /500 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty



Call or stop into your closest Midwest Machinery and let one of our sales staff help you decide what Z-Trak is best for you!

Serving you with 13 Minnesota Locations!


Can you believe it’s June already! Get all your Spring equipment washed up using John Deere Slick Wash and then head into the shop and get that tire pressure checked!

John Deere Slick Wash

TY16181  Regular Price $7.31

Keeps vehicle finishes looking factory fresh!slick wash

  • Soy derivative improves water sheeting and sudsing action
  • Ideal for farm, construction, and lawn and grounds care equipment, as well as automotive, RV, and boat applications
  • Environmentally friendly — deep cleans and brightens finish
  • Non-corrosive and 100-percent biodegradable
  • Ethanol based
  • Removes oxidation and surface film
  • Cleans painted, chrome, and magnesium wheels

NOW ONLY $6.49

John Deere Tire Air Pressure Gauge

TY25245 Regular Price $8.75

  • Reduce the amount of money spent on tires and fuel by regularly checking tire pressure
  • Checking tire pressure ensures positive traction, flatter cornering, smoother braking, and faster accelerations when needed
  • Properly inflated tires are essential to safe and responsive steering
  • Specially designed for accurate readings of tractor tires, including tires with liquid added
  • Easy to read, easy to carry

NOW ONLY $7.75



Spring is here and so is lawn mowing season. Get ready!

John Deere Spinner Knob

TY26583 Regular Price $15.99

  • Securely fits all steering wheels up to 1-1/4-in. (31.7mm) thick
  • Recommended for lawn and garden equipment
  • Split base design allows for quick, easy, and secure mounting
  • Permanent John Deere logo- will not rub off
  • Includes mounting hardware and extra bolts for larger diameter steering wheels
  • Allen wrench provided
  • Includes rubber spacer for smaller diameter steering wheels
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle
  • Smooth spinning design

NOW ONLY $13.99

Quick Gel Super Glue


You never know when you are going to need super glue. Stock up now!

  • Gel bonds to both porous and nonporous materials
  • Fast setting adhesive for quick repairs on close-fitting parts
  • Bonds metal, vinyl, wood, plastic, and more

Agricultural and construction equipment

  • Bonds weather stripping, cab trim, name plates, and rubber pads
  • Makes static O-ring seals
  • Temporary setting of parts


  • Bonds bumper rub strips, vinyl side trim, padding, insulation, and other similar parts
  • Speeds assembly and boosts reliability

Electronic equipment

  • Tacks coil windings, bonding circuit board components


  • Temporary hold to parts being drilled, cut, machined, or ground

NOW ONLY $1.80




John Deere Easter Baskets

Midwest Machinery has everything you need to create the perfect Easter baskets!

Easter is just a few days away! It just so happens Easter is late this year which means a lot of you are in the field or prepping equipment to get in the field. Which means you might be a little short on time but don’t let that stop you from creating an awesome Easter basket for your little ones!

Midwest Machinery has all the supplies you need!
  • Start with one of our cute T-shirts
  • Add a pair of kids work gloves
  • Stick in one of our 1/64th scale tractor sets
  • Put it in the back of a dump truck and you’ll be set to go

I put together the dump truck basket to the right in just a few minutes- it’s easy. Stop into your local Midwest Machinery to see their selection of kids clothing and toys! We are even open Saturday for the last minute Easter bunnies!

Have a Safe and Happy Easter!!




April Products of the Month

April showers brings May field and lawn work. Make sure your machine is ready to go with these products of the month!

John Deere Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant

TY6350  Regular Price $6.99

This multi-purpose penetrating fluid and corrosion protectant has high film strength and penetrates to prevent metal-to-metal contact for reduced wear and protects against rust and corrosion.

Use it for all your needs!TY6350

  • Agriculture – bearings, chains, conveyors, hand tools, parts disassembly
  • Automotive/Motorized – cables, hinges, locks, levers, threads, battery terminals
  • Marine equipment – linkages, cables, hinges, locks
  • Consumer – door hinges, locks, saw blades, metal drawers
  • Sports equipment – firearms, fishing reels, downriggers

 NOW ONLY $6.29




John Deere Lawn Mower Fuel Filter

AM116304 Regular Price $4.55

fuel filterWhen it comes to fuel, water is the number one enemy, leading to poor performance and reliability. That’s why John Deere Fuel Filters are specially designed to not only trap water, but also repel it. Matched to your machine for optimized fuel flow, all genuine John Deere Fuel Filters are tested to meet or exceed original John Deere specifications.

NOW ONLY $3.87

Don’t trust your equipment to anyone else. Insist on genuine John Deere Fuel Filters.

Top 5 Reasons to Work at MMC

Color_BMPMidwest Machinery wants you! Come work at a company that was voted a
‘Top Work Place’ by the Star Tribune in 2015.

We have several positions open and we are always looking for qualified technicians to join our team!

Click on the position to view a detailed description of job duties and requirements.

Top 5 Reasons to Work at Midwest Machinery Co

1.) All for One and One for All

Whether your applying for the parts, service or sales department rest assured everyone is working together toward a common goal. Midwest Machinery’s vision is to be the Top Choice for customers and employees in the Ag, Turf and Commercial markets. We are a growing organization with long-term stability that values a strong local connection. By working together as a team we can better serve our customers and happy customers equals happy employees. Join our Team and continue building our goal of being the top choice for customers and employees alike.

2.) Build Customer Relationships

Here at Midwest Machinery you get to interact with different people no matter what department you work in. You have the ability to create awesome relationships with customers and co-workers, in and outside of work. As a salesperson your customers will come back time after time as you gain their trust and every time you sell them other piece of equipment you learn a little more about them. Same goes for the parts department, as you help them at the parts counter you learn more and more about who your customers are. Although service technicians probably don’t see as many customers on a day to day basis you are the ones that go out to the farms on service calls. You get familiar with their farm and fields, see a few of their kids and maybe even learn the dogs name.

Paul Schmiesing Parts Master Award (1)

Employee receiving their Parts Master Award

3.) Education Opportunities

Midwest Machinery offers many learning opportunities for our employees. Don’t worry you won’t be left out in the dark at this job. It may be as simple as hopping on the computer and taking one of many web based John Deere University classes or visiting one of the John Deere Training Centers. Midwest Machinery also offers internal training annually to keep everyone up to date on procedures and new products. We value educated employees and their willingness to learn.

4.) Advancement Opportunities

Once you get established and thrive in your current position you can apply for the leadership development program that just rolled out this year. This program is geared towards employees who eventually want to move into a supervisor or management position. With 13 locations and the business ever growing there are many opportunities for growth and development. With the help of this program and your determination, the limits are endless.

5.) Community Involvement

Midwest Machinery values strong communities. That being said we as a company sponsor many community organizations and we want to give you the opportunity to do the same. As a full time employee you are entitled to 24 hours of paid volunteer time you can use at your favorite charity during work hours. Also once a year we launch a United Way Campaign encouraging employees and customers to bring in non-perishable food items to donate to local food-shelves with Midwest Machinery matching all contributions.

Apply today!

Sauk Group Pic

Join the MMC Team!































John Deere Hand Towel

TY26777 Regular Price $2.84

  • Single-roll 64-count recycled shop towel
  • Perfect size to keep in vehicles and tractors
  • Excellent for use around the home, work-site, farm, and shop
  • High grease and oil absorption
  • Perfect for your toughest jobs
  • Won’t fall apart when wet
  • Soft on hands and face

NOW ONLY $2.48

John Deere Graphite Lubricant

TY25797 Regular Price $6.99

John Deere Graphite Lubricant is the ideal lubricant for any agricultural, industrial, or home surface that needs a slick, protective coating. It also provides a perfect maintenance coating for parts during non-use seasons.

  • Dries tack free in less than a hour
  • Last longer than oil and grease
  • Frees sticky mechanisms
  • Provides long-lasting lubrication without dirt and grit build-up
  • Keeps grain flowing
  • Reduces vine and stalk tangling when applied to corn heads
  • Keeps hay sliding easily on baler chutes
  • Prevents dirt and mud from sticking to buckets
  • Keeps grass from clogging mowers and sticking to mower decks and blades
  • Lubricates bicycle and motorcycle chains to prevent gum-ups.
  • Helps garage doors and drawers to slide easier.

NOW ONLY $6.29


John Deere Hand Cleaner

TY26066 Regular Price $3.88

Hand cleaner

When winter is hard on your hands, rest assured we have something that can help. You use hand soap everyday but that soap might be drying out your hands more than you think. John Deere hand cleaner contains skin conditioners and a balanced ph for happy hands.

  • Cleans with the power of citrus and soy
  • Contains ultra-fine pumice for extra tough dirt
  • Improved hand pump on gallon container for easy dispensing
  • Ultra-fine pumice will not clog drains
  • Premium skin conditioners: aloe, lanolin, and jojoba oil for hands that require extra care
  • Pleasing, light orange scent
  • pH-balanced for the skin
  • Solvent-free – makes it kind to sensitive skin
  • Contains no petroleum distillate
  • Biodegradable

NOW ONLY $3.49

John Deere Battery Corrosion Preventative BTP

TY25766 Regular Price $5.14

Get ahead of the game. Nobody likes dealing with corroded batteries and cables. Simply spray John Deere Battery Corrosion Preventative on your  new battery and cables to protect against corrosion. Have an old battery but still want to reap the benefits? Just clean your old battery with John Deere’s corrosion cleaner first and then apply the battery corrosion preventative.

NOW ONLY $3.99



Own a Utility Tractor for $99/month*

Think you can’t afford a utility tractor? Think again!

The 1023E Sub-Compact Utility Tractor puts the able in affordable.

Own one today for as low as $99/month*.

1023EThe 1023E is more than your standard sub-compact tractor with its powerful 22.4hp tier 4 diesel engine. It has the widest stance in the category for greater stability and is compatible with a variety of implements. Both 4WD and power steering come standard. The PTO is fully independent allowing you to engage and disengage the PTO without stopping the tractor, keeping you on the move. Also helping you with productivity, is a two speed hydrostatic transmission with Twin Touch foot controls allowing you to select both speed and direction of travel with a touch of the toe- ideal for when using the loader and mowing. The 1023E is described as “Perfect for Acreage or Hobby Farm” by one of its owners. Here is one of many reviews from John Deere’s website:

“Handles the Job of the Semi-Rural Homeowner”
Had the 1023e for a year now, with the detachable front-end loader, 60″ deck and ballast box. Mow over 6 acres of grass, moved fallen trees out of the way by pushing with the bucket, installed a new 400 ft. gravel driveway to an outbuilding for hay storage and used the bucket to remove 36″ of snow in the driveway and clean out stalls for three horses.

This has been a great tractor combination which has easily handled all of my needs. Hydraulic hoses are easy to attach and remove on the connection plate. There is really not too much difference in HP size between the 1023 and the 1025, but saved quite a few dollars by not buying the larger model with the bells and whistles. Looking to purchase the backhoe attachment now. This is a great tractor for a horse owner.

-RegionnusRattis219      Valparaiso, IN

Stop into or call one of our 13 locations and talk with our sales team to get all the details. Discuss what implements would work best for you and what your final monthly payment would be. See you soon, this offer ends January 31, 2017.


*Offer Valid on new 1023E Compact Tractor purchases made between October 29, 2016 and January 31, 2017. Subject to approved installment credit with John Deere Financial. Up to a 20% down payment may be required. Example: based on a purchase of $10,405 with $2,081 down payment, monthly payment of $99 at 0% APR for 84 months. Taxes, freight, setup, and delivery charges could increase the monthly payment. Front and rear implements are sold separately and not included in this monthly payment. See Dealer for details and restrictions.


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