April showers brings May field and lawn work. Make sure your machine is ready to go with these products of the month!

John Deere Multi-Purpose Spray LubricantTY6350

TY6350  Regular Price $6.99

This multi-purpose penetrating fluid and corrosion protectant has high film strength and penetrates to prevent metal-to-metal contact for reduced wear and protects against rust and corrosion.

Use it for all your needs!

  • Agriculture – bearings, chains, conveyors, hand tools, parts disassembly
  • Automotive/Motorized – cables, hinges, locks, levers, threads, battery terminals
  • Marine equipment – linkages, cables, hinges, locks
  • Consumer – door hinges, locks, saw blades, metal drawers
  • Sports equipment – firearms, fishing reels, downriggers

 NOW ONLY $6.29

John Deere Lawn Mower Fuel Filter

AM116304 Regular Price $4.66

When it comes to fuel, water is the number one enemy, leading to poor performance and reliability. That’s why John Deere Fuel Filters are specially designed to not only trap water, but also repel it. Matched to your machine for optimized fuel flow, all genuine John Deere Fuel Filters are tested to meet or exceed original John Deere specifications.

NOW ONLY $3.99


Don’t trust your equipment to anyone else. Insist on genuine John Deere Fuel Filters.


  1. Jim Woischke says:

    I guess this is a good place to make this remark about St. Cloud: I purchased some Parts for a Garden Tractor which were wrong (My fault). I returned them to the store. They came out and looked at my accessory and identified it as an aftermarket item. They were able to locate parts despite this and had them the next day. I’ve dealt with this location on a couple previous occasions.. On each and every occasion the staff has been courteous, helpful as well as a wealth of knowledge.
    I really appreciate this service, even when I’m not making a major purchase. When I buy a new tractor it will be from your St. Cloud location. Thanks for a job well done.

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