John Deere Tire Air Pressure Gauge

TY25245 Regular Price $9.26

  • Reduce the amount of money spent on tires and fuel by regularly checking tire pressure
  • Checking tire pressure ensures positive traction, flatter cornering, smoother braking, and faster accelerations when needed
  • Properly inflated tires are essential to safe and responsive steering
  • Specially designed for accurate readings of tractor tires, including tires with liquid added
  • Easy to read, easy to carry

NOW ONLY $7.99

John Deere Gasket Maker

PM710XX280 Regular Price $10.29

  • For use on Engines, Transmissions, and Differentials
  • Oxygen-Sensor safe
  • Non-corrosive; can be used to insulate electrical components
  • Oil Resistant
  • Forms any size or shape of gasket
  • Remains flexible and will not shrink
  • Wide temperature range
    • -80 to 600 degrees F

NOW ONLY $9.25

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