John Deere Green Funnel

TY16318 Regular Price $7.34

This multi-use flexible funnel is for farm, industrial, commercial, and homeowner use. The caps on this funnel will keep your funnel clean which means you add fluids, not dirt to your engine or transmission.

  • Capacity of 1-1/2 quarts and 13-1/2″ Long
  • Standard size caps on both ends
  • No wiping for re-use
  • Caps keeps funnel and work area clean

NOW ONLY $6.49

John Deere Graphite Lubricant

TY25797 Regular Price $6.99

John Deere Graphite Lubricant is the ideal lubricant for any agricultural, industrial, or home surface that needs a slick, protective coating. It also provides a perfect maintenance coating for parts during non-use seasons.

  • Dries tack free in less than a hour
  • Lasts longer than oil and grease
  • Frees sticky mechanisms
  • Provides long-lasting lubrication without dirt and grit build-up
  • Keeps grain flowing
  • Reduces vine and stalk tangling when applied to corn heads
  • Keeps hay sliding easily on baler chutes
  • Prevents dirt and mud from sticking to buckets
  • Keeps grass from clogging mowers and sticking to mower decks and blades
  • Lubricates bicycle and motorcycle chains to prevent gum-ups
  • Helps garage doors and drawers to slide easier

NOW ONLY $6.29


The 344L compact loader offers industry-exclusive Articulation Plus steering for more productivity with a higher turn-tip capability than competitive loaders. With a hydrostatic transmission, you can inch ahead while maintaining full hydraulic power.


4 cyl. Diesel
Direct Injection
Hydrostatic 2-Speed
Turn Radius 14’7″
Operating Capacity 6338 lb
Breakout Force 16411 lb
Dump Clearance 9’7″
Machine Height 9’11”
Operating Weight 19533 lb

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John Deere Hand Cleaner

TY26066 Regular Price $4.00

Hand cleaner

When winter is hard on your hands, rest assured we have something that can help. You use hand soap everyday but that soap might be drying out your hands more than you think. John Deere hand cleaner contains skin conditioners and a balanced ph for happy hands.

  • Cleans with the power of citrus and soy
  • Contains ultra-fine pumice for extra tough dirt
  • Improved hand pump on gallon container for easy dispensing
  • Ultra-fine pumice will not clog drains
  • Premium skin conditioners: aloe, lanolin, and jojoba oil for hands that require extra care
  • Pleasing, light orange scent
  • pH-balanced for the skin
  • Solvent-free – makes it kind to sensitive skin
  • Contains no petroleum distillate
  • Biodegradable

NOW ONLY $3.59

John Deere Hand Towel

PMDRC4601 Regular Price $2.75

  • Single-roll 56-count recycled shop towel
  • Perfect size to keep in vehicles and tractors
  • Excellent for use around the home, work-site, farm, and shop
  • High grease and oil absorption
  • Perfect for your toughest jobs
  • Won’t fall apart when wet
  • Soft on hands and face

 NOW ONLY $2.55


We hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! We know the outdoor temperature isn’t rising so our products this month aim to keep you inside the shop working on those winter projects.

John Deere Green Spray Paint

TY25624 Regular Price $9.49

  • Lead-free formulations – user-friendly and environmentally safe
  • Suitable for exterior or interior use
  • High-quality, long-lasting, color-fast paints for weather-proven performance in field testing
  • Produces a finish that sets up in minutes, is tack free in a few hours, and dries overnight to a hard, glossy ty25624-2film
  • Resists fading, cracking, and chipping
  • May be applied directly to metal, plastic, or wood without using a primer
  • (John Deere primer is recommended for improved corrosion resistance)
  • Dry to touch in one hour
  • Faster drying for early handling of equipment and painted parts
  • Thin spray viscosity requires little thinning for spray application
  • Matches original equipment colors
  • Meets or exceeds current John Deere paint specifications
  • Excellent gloss and color retention
  • Protects against chipping, corrosion, and rust

NOW ONLY $8.54

John Deere Parts and Brake Cleaner

TY26101 Regular Price $4.92

John Deere Brake and Parts Cleaner, features a premium formula that outperforms the older chlorinated cleaners.

  • Cleans and degreases instantly; leavesbrake-cleaner no residue
  • Safely removes brake fluid, grease, oil, and other contaminants from brake linings and drums
  • No flash and no fire point
  • Stops disc brake squeal
  • Contains no carbon tetrachloride, petroleum solvents, or silicones

NOW ONLY $4.43



It’s December! That means snow and cold, but it also means Christmas is right around the corner! Our products of the month are both functional and would make great stocking stuffers!


John Deere Stocking Hat

2016SC Regular Price $10.99

Make sure you keep warm in this cold weather. This stocking cap is black with the John Deere logo on the front. Perfect for every John Deere fan in your family. Buy two! One for you to wear and one for that special someone’s stocking!

NOW ONLY $8.99


John Deere 2-Piece Tape Measure Set

TY27000 Regular Price $9.99

Contains 1- 12ft Tape Measure and 1- 25ft Tape Measure

  • Makes a great Christmas Gift
  • Standard and metric measurements
  • Tough impact resistant plastic case
  • Comfortable sleeve for better grip and comfort
  • Easy-to-use tape markings
  • Hands-free blade lock

 NOW ONLY $8.99


We hope you are working on getting all your crops harvested and tillage work done. We know there has been some long hours put in. I’m sure the last thing you want to think about right now is getting your equipment ready for Winter and the holiday season, but we can help.


John Deere Fuel-Protect Diesel Fuel Conditioner Winter Formula

TY26767 Regular Price $6.63

Whether it’s on the farm, off road, or over the road, John Deere Fuel-Protect Diesel Fuel Conditioner has got you covered. You can rest assure that this fuel additive will improve diesel fuel quality and maintain engine efficiency year around. Use on a regular basis to minimize problems caused by impurities and differences in diesel fuels. Add it to your bulk fuel storage tank to maximize fuel storage and filter life, and to protect your storage tank from corrosion.

NOW ONLY $5.97

  • Compatible with all diesel fuels
  • Minimizes smoking
  • Controls moisture, improving water tolerance and icing protection
  • Increases Cetane numbers, for faster and smoother starting
  • Extends fuel filter life
  • Each 16 oz bottle treats 52 gallons of diesel fuel

John Deere 6 in 1 Screwdriver

TY26693 Regular Price $6.99

I know it’s only November but it’s never to early to start Christmas shopping. This John Deere 6 in 1 screwdriver would make the perfect stocking stuffer for the farmer or handy man in your life. John Deere 3 in1 Screwdriver

Screwdriver includes:                                                                                
  • Phillips head #1 and #2 bits
  • 1/4″ and 3/16″ slotted bits
  • 1/4″ and 5/16″ nutdriver tips

NOW ONLY $6.29

  • Easy to see yellow and black design
  • Comfortable handle grip reduces fatigue and improves load factor
  • Chrome vanadium bits with magnetic tips

October Products of the Month

Be prepared for anything that comes your way!

John Deere Starting Fluidre556468

 RE556468  Regular Price $4.00

  • 80% Premium Ether Starting Fluid
  • Improves starting by injecting either directly into the intake manifold
  • Easier starting in cold weather
  • Prolongs battery life

NOW ONLY $3.59

with purchase of 2 or more

Star Tron Fuel Treatment

B1AC14308 Regular Price $8.07

Star Tron Is Ideal For All Engines, Including: Cars, Trucks, Boats (2-cycle & 4-cycle), Motorcycles, ATVs, Lawn Mowers, Generator, Heavy Equipment, Snowmobiles, RVs, Weed Eaters, Personal Watercraft and Diesel Engines.

  • Reduces Emissionsstar-tron
  • Removes Carbon Build-Up
  • Eliminates Black Soot and Exhaust Stains
  • Stabilizes Gas & Diesel Fuels
  • Eliminates & Prevents Ethanol Fuel Problems
  • Increases Economy

 NOW ONLY $6.99

with the purchase of 2 or more



Ag Equipment Fall Specials, New Units added!

New Units added!

Have you been waiting for a good deal to make an equipment purchase or lease this year? Wait no longer, it’s here and just in time for Fall.

Call today, these units won’t be here for long!

Three purchase options:

  1. 5 Year / 300 Hour Lease accompanied with a full comprehensive warranty unless stated otherwise
  2. 24 Month interest waiver financing accompanied with a 3 year/1000 hour comprehensive warranty unless stated otherwise
  3. Cash Offer

Let us know how we can help you get into one of these units! There are six tractors and three combines that are available with these special offers! Call us today!




Ag Equipment Fall Specials!

Have you been waiting for a good deal to make an equipment purchase or lease this year? Wait no longer, it’s here and just in time for Fall. 

Call today, these units won’t be here for long!

Three purchase options:

  1. 5 Year / 300 Hour Lease accompanied with a full comprehensive warranty
  2. 24 Month interest waiver financing accompanied with a 5 year/2000 hour comprehensive warranty.
  3. Cash Offer

Let us know how we can help you get into one of these units! There are six tractors and two combines that are available with these special offers! Call us today!

Located in Sauk Centre





Located in Aitkin & Glencoe







Located in Little Falls

Located in Stewart













Located in Glencoe

Located in Alexandria







Located in Alexandria














Gear up for Fall and SAVE!

Fall is in the air and that means harvest isn’t far behind. Get ahead of the game and prevent break downs! Make sure the proper maintenance is done on all your harvest equipment!


John Deere Chain & Cable Lubricant

TY26350  Regular Price $4.87

Use on roller chains and drives, hoists and conveyors, wire rope and cable, chain saws, sprockets, land and roller assemblies, garage and overhead door hinges.

  • Lubricates and prevents rust
  • Cleans as it lubricates
  • Will free parts seized by rust, scale, or corrosion
  • Will not harm electrical contacts, wood, vinyl, or paint
  • Has superior lubricating and anti-wear properties

NOW ONLY $4.35

John Deere Grease Gun TY26517

Why a John Deere grease gun?

  • 17% larger diameter piston for easy discharge of grease in extreme cold
  • Contoured fixed handle for better grip
  • Non-slip textured powder coated finish
  • Works well with paper or plastic grease cartridges and bulk grease
  • Improved plunger rod designs purges trapped air
  • Super Flex 18″ hose with great flexibility


Purchase a John Deere Grease Gun for $27.83 in September and receive a FREE tube of Grease!













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