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It’s December! That means snow and cold, but it also means Christmas is right around the corner! Our products of the month are both functional and would make great stocking stuffers!


John Deere Stocking Hat2016sc-crop

2016SC Regular Price $10.99

Make sure you keep warm in this cold weather. This stocking cap is black with the John Deere logo on the front. Perfect for every John Deere fan in your family. Buy two! One for you to wear and one for that special someone’s stocking!

NOW ONLY $8.99

Multi-Function 18 LED Flashlight

A-FLAI12 Regular Price $10.45

This is the flashlight of all flashlights! It’s the perfect size to go with you wherever you go and with 18 super bright white LEDs it’s defiantly not lacking in brightness. Don’t forget that it is also multi-functional!

  • 18 Super Bright White LEDs
  • Laser Pointer
  • White Strobe
  • 6 Blue LEDs
  • 6 Green LEDs
  • Compass on handle end
  • Aluminum Body
Great Stocking Stuffer for the hard to buy for!

NOW ONLY $8.99

Thank you Veterans!

Veterans Day is a day to honor all men and women who served in the military, both living and deceased.

“John Deere is a proud supporter of United States military service members. As an American-made brand, we are thankful for the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect our freedom,” said Steve Wilhelmi, John Deere tactical marketing manager. “The Military Discount Program is John Deere’s way of honoring and rewarding the commitment of the men and women who serve this nation.”

On behalf of Midwest Machinery, I would like to thank all military members past and present for their service and many sacrifices.


Many businesses offer specials to Veterans today and John Deere is no exception. John Deere has introduced a discount program for active, reserve, retired, or veteran status military members, not just today but all year! They are offering a free two-year Platinum membership through the GreenFleet™ Loyalty Rewards Program.

What does that mean?

It means you can get some pretty good deals and discounts. The GreenFleet™ Loyalty Rewards Program is designed to give you valuable equipment discounts, along with special financing options, workshop products discounts and other member-only discounts. You signed up to serve your country, now sign up to get the rewards you deserve.

These rewards include the following:

  • 2 year membership
  • Valuable Equipment Discounts
  • Monthly GreenFleet emails
  • 12 exclusive offers per year via email
  • 10% Off Workshop Products
  • 10% Off
  • Special Low Rate Financing
  • Free Homestead Magazine Subscription

To see all the details and to apply click here.










John Deere Pocket Knife

TY26564  Regular Price $10.29

Celebrate the end of harvest with a new John Deere Pocket Knife. I’m sure your old one has seen many miles this fall. Get a new one this month and SAVE.

  • Black stain finish with anodized green trim
  • Thumb tab on blade for easy opening
  • Handy belt clip


NOW ONLY $8.99


John Deere Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent

PMFCS12 Regular Price $14.41 (4 pouches per pack)

Keep the mice from wrecking your equipment with Fresh Cab! Fresh Cab rodent repellent is an environmental friendly all-natural product that is proven to repel rodents.

  • #1 ranked all natural rodent repellent
  • Pleasant to humans and pets – offensive to rodentsfresh-cab
  • Reduces damage to property
  • Cost effective
  • Ag based and all natural ingredients

Use them in your combine- Place one pouch in the following areas:

  1. Inside the cab
  2. In the engine compartment
  3. On top of the wiring harness outside the right-side of the cab
  4. Lay a pouch in the cleaning shoe area

Use them in the following: Farm and Seasonal equipment, RVs, Vehicles, Under hot tubs, Snowmobiles, Boats, Lake homes, Airplanes, Tack rooms, and Storage areas

NOW ONLY $12.49

Skid Steer & Lawn Equipment Auction Nov. 7th

If you are in the market for a

Skid Steer,

Lawn Tractor,

Compact Utility Tractor

or Gator 

you NEED to check out this auction.

Bidding starts November 5th, no reserve, with over 40 pieces listed.

For a complete list and to bid visit;



There is a chill in the air and there is no denying that winter is on its way! It’s time to stock up on winter essentials now, to reduce headaches later.

John Deere Starting Fluidre556468

RE556468  Regular Price $4.12

  • 80% Premium Ether Starting Fluid
  • Improves starting by injecting either directly into the intake manifold
  • Easier starting in cold weather
  • Prolongs battery life

NOW ONLY $3.59

with purchase of 2 or more

Star Tron Fuel Treatment

B1AC14308 Regular Price $8.31

Star Tron Fuel Treatment is a multifunctional fuel additive that uses a unique enzyme technology that allows engines to start easily and run smoothly, even when using ethanol-blended fuel or after sitting idle for months. Star Tron will stabilize fuel for up to two years, preventing the formation of gums and other solids that clog carburetors and fuel injectors. Star Tron is ideal for all gas engines including; Cars, Trucks, Boats (2-cycle & 4-cycle), Motorcycles, ATVs, Lawn Mowers, Generators, Heavy Equipment, Snowmobiles, RVs, Weed Eaters, Personal Watercraft and Diesel Engines.

  • Reduces Emissionsstar-tron
  • Removes Carbon Build-Up
  • Eliminates Black Soot and Exhaust Stains
  • Stabilizes Gas & Diesel Fuels
  • Eliminates & Prevents Ethanol Fuel Problems
  • Increases Economy

 NOW ONLY $6.99

with the purchase of 2 or more


Gear up for Fall and SAVE!

Fall is in the air and that means harvest isn’t far behind. Get ahead of the game and prevent break downs! Make sure the proper maintenance is done on all your harvest equipment! Also, make sure you stay safe! One easy way to improve safety is to make sure all your machinery is equipped with a Slow Moving Vehicle Sign.

John Deere Chain & Cable Lubricant

TY26350  Regular Price $4.87

Use on roller chains and drives, hoists and conveyors, wire rope and cable, chain saws, sprockets, land and roller assemblies, garage and overhead door hinges.

  • Lubricates and prevents rust
  • Cleans as it lubricates
  • Will free parts seized by rust, scale, or corrosion
  • Will not harm electrical contacts, wood, vinyl, or paint
  • Has superior lubricating and anti-wear properties

NOW ONLY $4.35

John Deere Slow Moving Vehicle Sign

JD5929 (Plastic) or JD5931 (Steel) Regular Price $14.61

  • Important safety item for slow-moving vehicles traveling on the highway
  • Highly reflective fluorescent orange emblem is quickly spotted by faster-moving traffic, day or night
  • Available in tough plastic or metal for mounting to tractors, combines, and other farm equipment

NOW ONLY $12.49


John Deere Tire Air Pressure Gauge

TY25245 Regular Price $9.26

  • Reduce the amount of money spent on tires and fuel by regularly checking tire pressure
  • Checking tire pressure ensures positive traction, flatter cornering, smoother braking, and faster accelerations when needed
  • Properly inflated tires are essential to safe and responsive steering
  • Specially designed for accurate readings of tractor tires, including tires with liquid added
  • Easy to read, easy to carry

NOW ONLY $7.99

John Deere Gasket Maker

PM710XX280 Regular Price $10.29

  • For use on Engines, Transmissions, and Differentials
  • Oxygen-Sensor safe
  • Non-corrosive; can be used to insulate electrical components
  • Oil Resistant
  • Forms any size or shape of gasket
  • Remains flexible and will not shrink
  • Wide temperature range
    • -80 to 600 degrees F

NOW ONLY $9.25


Wash me! Wash me! Wash me!

I think everyone knows the feeling; you’re driving down the road and the sun is shining directly in your face. Your windshield is so dirty you can barely see out! This is the month to get that dirt taken care of because we have our John Deere Classic Glass Cleaner and our 200 count John Deere disposable shop towels on sale. Stock up now and save!

Be prepared and grab a set for each tractor and vehicle.

John Deere Classic Glass Cleaner

glass cleaner

TY25684  Regular Price $3.46

  • Cleans and brightens all glass
  • Also great for cleaning enamel surfaces, chrome, tile, and porcelain
  • Will not streak
  • Heavy duty foam clings to vertical surfaces
  • Leaves an invisible, dirt resistant barrier

NOW ONLY $3.15

John Deere Shop Towels

DRC4223 Regular Price $11.29Towel

  • Made with 40% post consumer waste
  • Soft on hands and face
  • Durable so they won’t fall part even when wet
  • Disposable for general clean-ups
  • Great for grease and oil absorption
  • Convenient Cardboard carton

NOW ONLY $10.15


John Deere Mini Magnetic Parts Tray

TY26557 Regular Price $3.70

Lets get organized! Ideal for keeping small parts and tools from getting lost in your workshop or garage. Stick it to any metal surface and keep your small hardware all in one place.

Pick up a few for Dad. Father’s Day is June 17th!

  • 4-1/2-in. stainless steel dish
  • Holds small parts, hardware, and fasteners
  • Sticks to any ferrous metal surface

JD Mag Parts Tray

Now $3.25


John Deere Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner

TY26108 Regular Price $4.40

Pick up a couple bottles of heavy duty hand cleaner today! The great thing about this hand cleaner is it can be used without water, perfect to keep in tractors or vehicles when a sink isn’t nearby and you need clean hands!

  • Ultra-fine pumice for deep cleaning with less skin irritation
  • Premium skin conditioners to help heal rough, dry, cracked hands
  • Use with or without water
  • Ultra-fine pumice will not clog drains

Now $3.95


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