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Create a John Deere Halloween Display!

Halloween is once again upon us and I know lots of people who like to decorate for it. If you’re one of those people, why not combine your love of John Deere with your love of Halloween by creating a John Deere Halloween Display.

I wanted to show off my spooky spirit at work for Halloween so I made a display around our gumball pedal tractor. Here are some tips for making your own John Deere themed Halloween display.

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1.) Pick out the main feature. What do you want as your focal point? I used a John Deere pedal tractor but you could use anything. Maybe you have a John Deere wagon or wheelbarrow you want to stack pumpkins in or a large pumpkin with the John Deere logo carved into it set on top of a straw bale.

2.) Scare Crow. I’m sure you can locate a worn out John Deere shirt along with an old pair of jeans to make your scare crow. Find some straw or even bubble wrap to stuff your scare crow. Find a head and top him off with a John Deere hat and you are set to go.

3.) Corn Stalks. Place a bundle of corn stalks tied together with some twine off to one side of your display to add some balance.

4.) Pumpkins & Gourdes.  Add pumpkins and gourdes. Nothing says Halloween like some fall produce. Don’t forget to use your pumpkins you did the etching on earlier this year. Click here for instructions. 

Etched pumpkins5.) Make it spooky! BOO!! I added some green spider webs and some plastic spiders. I also decided to make a milk jug skeleton.

If you decide you need some John Deere props find everything you need at your local Midwest Machinery Co!



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