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AMS Activations

John Deere FarmSight is a complete solution for your farm.  It combines your equipment and John Deere’s technology offerings and can help you easily gather and access data about your machines and your fields.  Intelligent, automated equipment brings more precision, convenience and uptime to your operation.


Reduce operator fatigue and increase working speeds and 1″ accuracy with John Deere AutoTrac.  Let your equipment do the steering with John Deere AutoTrac.

Autotrac RTK

With StarFire RTK Activation, you get sub inch repeatable accuracy for applications that demand precision.  Midwest Machinery Co. has and expanding 20 RTK tower network for a wide area of coverage for customer use.

Active Implement Guidance

Make sure your implement follows your set lines with Active Implement Guidance.  This helps maximize the use  of pre-applied nutrients ensuring seed placement goes where you want it to by linking the implement with multiple receivers to the tractor pulling it.

AutoTrac Rowsense™ and AutoTrac Rowsense Universal

Improve your harvest efficiency and yield Quality with AutoTrac Rowsense and Rowsense Universal.  Take the fatigue out of staying on the rows, especially in down corn with AutoTrac Rowsense.  Curved passes are no match for this StarFire receiver and mechanical feeler pair working together for optimum accuracy.  Available in SF1 or SF2 AutoTrac Rowsense Activations.

John Deere Apex™

Turn the information you collect in the field into well-informed decisions back in the office.  Take your stored data and create subscriptions that match the specific area performance in each field for optimal soil nutrient levels.

John Deere JD Link™

See what your Machine has to say with JD Link™.   Keep track of important machine information that could save you money like monitoring machine health, preventative maintenance reminders, and receive alerts from your machine to your mobile device and to your dealer.

John Deere Section Control

Improve your efficiency with John Deere Section Control.  Automatically shut off rows on your planter and boom sections on your sprayer with minimal overlap to save seed and many types of product application passes.

iTec™ Pro

Make AutoTrac more intelligent with iTec Pro by raising the implement, turning on end rows, and reengaging the implement hands free.  This will increase the accuracy of your position turning back into the next pass which increases efficiency.

John Deere Machine Sync

Take the guesswork and operator fatigue out of unloading on the go with John Deere Machine Sync.  This system syncs the combine and grain cart together, matching the speed of the combine and placing the cart where it needs to be.

John Deere Mobile Farm Manager

Have access to your field data on your mobile device when you need to make important information based decisions.  You also can define soil grids to define parameters to accurately pull soil samples.  You can also document field conditions throughout the year and much more…

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