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Hay Equipment

Round Balers

John Deere Zero Series Round balers are designed to meet the demands of any operation. From the economic E models to the feature package R models, these Zero Series Round Balers are a better-built baler ready to fit your needs. 0% financing, 0 Series Round Balers, 0 Reasons to use anything but John Deere.

  • Exclusive MegaWide high-capacity feed system delivers up to 80% increase in tonnage per hour compared to competitive models.
  • Hydraulic drop floor allows you to clear plug from the cab in 30 seconds not 30 minutes like other brands.
  • 58% reduction in mixing time of precut bales.
  • Offers industry’s first 5-ft precut round bale and round bale accumulator for 5-ft baler.
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Small Square Balers

John Deere square balers create consistent bales that pack in crop to minimize leaf loss and secure bales for the long haul. Three affordable models offer the field-proven crop control system needed to make solid, square-sided bales that are easy to stack and transport every time.

  • Free-floating motion automatically adjusts to hay volume, maintaining control of incoming crop.
  • Optional hydraulic bale tension available.
  • Never-miss knotters catch every time to give you a reliable, secure twine wrap.
  • Full-Width feeding pickup gathers hay in wide, heavy windrows for faster drying.
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When it comes to cutting hay, John Deere has you covered. Whether you need a side-pull or center-pivot, we’ve got the machine for you. Getting your hay dried down fast is important, especially if weather events are looming. Our new Zero Series mowers give you the ability for wider windrows, which helps dry crop down fast.

  • John Deere Quick Change Knives make changing your knives in the field easier than ever.
  • Lighter weight design allows you to mow with a wider range of tractors and handle hills easier.
  • Choose from urethane, V-10, or Tri-Lobe conditioners.
  • A 5-year cutterbar warranty shows John Deere is committed to quality and gives customers peace of mind.
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Disc Mowers

John Deere Disc Mowers are designed with speed in mind. Hook up is easy with the Quick-Coupler available on the three larger models. Optional hydraulic tilt cylinder makes locking the cutter bar simple and fast. With cutting widths available from 5ft-10ft gives customers many options to choose from.

  • A heavy-duty driveline with overrunning clutch is standard on the R240, R280 and R310 mowers.
  • All models have a spring-loaded belt tensioner for easier belt adjustment. The belt tension automatically compensates for initial belt stretch, increasing belt life.
  • The cutterbar is protected from serve impact if an object is struck. This protects drive-shaft shears, reduces chance of cutterbar damage and improves cutterbar reliability.
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