Can you believe it’s June already! Get all your Spring equipment washed up using John Deere Slick Wash and then head into the shop and get that tire pressure checked!

John Deere Slick Wash

TY16181  Regular Price $7.31

Keeps vehicle finishes looking factory fresh!slick wash

  • Soy derivative improves water sheeting and sudsing action
  • Ideal for farm, construction, and lawn and grounds care equipment, as well as automotive, RV, and boat applications
  • Environmentally friendly — deep cleans and brightens finish
  • Non-corrosive and 100-percent biodegradable
  • Ethanol based
  • Removes oxidation and surface film
  • Cleans painted, chrome, and magnesium wheels

NOW ONLY $6.49

John Deere Tire Air Pressure Gauge

TY25245 Regular Price $8.75

  • Reduce the amount of money spent on tires and fuel by regularly checking tire pressure
  • Checking tire pressure ensures positive traction, flatter cornering, smoother braking, and faster accelerations when needed
  • Properly inflated tires are essential to safe and responsive steering
  • Specially designed for accurate readings of tractor tires, including tires with liquid added
  • Easy to read, easy to carry

NOW ONLY $7.75


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