John Deere Pocket Knife

TY26564  Regular Price $10.29

Celebrate the end of harvest with a new John Deere Pocket Knife. I’m sure your old one has seen many miles this fall. Get a new one this month and SAVE.

  • Black stain finish with anodized green trim
  • Thumb tab on blade for easy opening
  • Handy belt clip


NOW ONLY $8.99


John Deere Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent

PMFCS12 Regular Price $14.41 (4 pouches per pack)

Keep the mice from wrecking your equipment with Fresh Cab! Fresh Cab rodent repellent is an environmental friendly all-natural product that is proven to repel rodents.

  • #1 ranked all natural rodent repellent
  • Pleasant to humans and pets – offensive to rodentsfresh-cab
  • Reduces damage to property
  • Cost effective
  • Ag based and all natural ingredients

Use them in your combine- Place one pouch in the following areas:

  1. Inside the cab
  2. In the engine compartment
  3. On top of the wiring harness outside the right-side of the cab
  4. Lay a pouch in the cleaning shoe area

Use them in the following: Farm and Seasonal equipment, RVs, Vehicles, Under hot tubs, Snowmobiles, Boats, Lake homes, Airplanes, Tack rooms, and Storage areas

NOW ONLY $12.49

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