November Products of the Month

Everyone should be finishing up with harvest soon so be sure to stop in and get everything you need before the snow flies.

John Deere Pocket Knife

TY26564  Regular Price $9.99

Celebrate the end of harvest with a new John Deere Pocket Knife. I’m sure your old one has seen many mile this fall. Get a new one this month and SAVE.

  • Black stain finish with anodized green trim
  • Thumb tab on blade for easy opening
  • Handy belt clip


Now $8.99




John Deere Fuel-Protect; Diesel Fuel Conditioner

TY26787 Regular Price $6.63

fuel protectNow $5.97

Why John Deere Premium Diesel Fuel Conditioners are your best buy
· Factory designed and approved formula

· Improves performance in any diesel-powered equipment

· Allows you control over when and where to use it

· Gives you complete choice on your base diesel fuel supplier

· Can add more or less fuel conditioner as needed

· Regular use supports your warranty claims

· John Deere quality means you get fresh, uncontaminated additive every time

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