October Products of the Month

October is here and that means colder weather is on its way. We kept that in mind when selecting this months products.


Stock up on a cold weather essential;

John Deere 80% Premium Ether Starting Fluid

Features and benefits

  • Improves starting by injecting fluid (ether) directly into the intake manifold
  • 80-percent premium ether
  • Easier starting in cold weather
  • Prolongs battery life


Was $4.00 per can

Now $3.59 per can

*Must purchase 2 or more


Now for the equipment that you are done using for the season, park it for the winter and be confident that the mice with stay out with Fresh Cab.

Fresh Cab Rodent RepellentPMFCS12

Fresh Cab rodent repellent is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved all-natural rodent repellent and air freshener with the proven ability to both freshen and protect.

Features and benefits

  • #1 ranked all natural rodent repellent
  • Pleasant to humans and pets – offensive to rodents
  • Reduces damage to property
  • Cost effective
  • Ag based and all natural ingredients

Place one pouch in the following 4 areas of your combine to keep those pesky rodents away.

  1. Inside the cab
  2. In the engine compartment
  3. On top of the wiring harness outside the right-side of the cab
  4. Lay a pouch in the cleaning shoe area

Was $13.99

Now $12.59

*Four pouches per package

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