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Lyann, Little Falls

I enjoy working for a company that has so much to offer from a full line of benefits, schooling and quarterly bonuses. Midwest Machinery is always looking to better their customers and employees. It’s a win, win for everyone involved!  Their commitment to the employees is never ending by offering life, health, dental, disability insurance and your choice of Flex Plans, 401K. The staff are constantly looking to hear more of what the employee has on their mind to make MMC more comfortable with todays changing times and family needs!


Paul, Benson

I was coming from a dealer group with 4 stores to now 17, the feeling is the same. Being part of a dealer group that is looking to the future while keeping employee and customer in mind has always been important to me. It’s a good feeling knowing that what you do as an employee isn’t over looked but appreciated. It’s great to be part of the growth while still maintaining the small town feel.



Jared, Morris

I was coming from a small family owned dealership, I was nervous about the acquisition.  I feel Midwest Machinery really cares about their customers and employee’s and this made the transition very easy.  At the end of the day, this is a great company to work for and I am glad to be a part of the Midwest Machinery team.  



Kevin, Paynesville

I’m in my first year with Midwest Machinery and I have noticed this company is a very close group of professionals at every level. Leadership is always approachable and they value my opinion. I really enjoy our productive and upbeat culture. I felt Midwest was a good fit for myself as I was exploring my employment options last year, I couldn’t  be happier with my decision. I look forward to many great years ahead!!!


Gene, St. Cloud

I was an owner when MMC purchased us in 2005. I wasn’t quite sure what the new owners would be like, but they gave me full rein and support to run the Parts Department as I saw fit. It’s been a great transition, and the increase in parts availability has been incredible.

Midwest Machinery

Midwest Machinery