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Request a quoteJohn Deere offers a versatile tillage portfolio to suite various farming practices and soils for optimum residue sizing, depth and finishing.


Seedbed Tillage

John Deere field cultivators require less horsepower per foot than most other seedbed tools and have higher residue flows than before.  This give you more versatility in varying field conditions.



Primary Tillage

One pass tillage that sizes stalks and buries residue while reducing compaction with primary tillage tools like the 2730 gives you consistent productivity for a better conditioned field for spring.





Whether you need a disk for primary tillage in the heaviest soils or secondary tillage for a uniform seedbed, John Deere has a disk for you.  With the largest gang-bolt in the industry, these disks are ready for work.




Vertical Tillage

With aggressive gang angles, the 2623VT tillage tool helps anchor residue, manage weeds and root balls, and create an even, smooth seedbed under the topsoil without the wavy washboard effect for an unsuitable seedbed like the competition.




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